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Boudoir Photo Sessions

I would love to be a part of your boudoir photo experience. I like to approach life as I find it and strive to be happy, present and light as possible. I'm not into stress or rushing. That's what I bring to the photography session. We will have a great time realizing your dream of fantastic boudoir photos.

A boudoir photography session with me would cover: A wardrobe and style consultation, 2ish hours of posing and photography, and a private gallery where you can view your images and download any that you like. These photographs will be professionally edited, and you will love the results.

In the 2ish hours, we will review a few wardrobe changes you brought. I have some items that might work for you. Then, we will pose in various situations and spaces. I say 2ish hours because Im not into rushing or stress. If we go a bit over, and we do.

My basic fee is $600

When a few of these images grab your attention and demand to be highlighted on a wall or in glamour prints, I have services to realize the best quality results. Prints in many finish options are available for purchase from your private gallery.

If you want the Vouge treatment, I will macro/micro edit, dodge and burn, frequency separate every ounce of skin and hair texture, add atmosphere and have you ready for the cover of a magazine. Literally. $100 per image.

Modern Male Boudoir Photography

Modern male boudoir photography is a popular trend in contemporary photography, where men are photographed in a sensual and intimate style traditionally associated with female subjects. The photographs are taken in a boudoir setting, such as a bedroom, to showcase the male form provocatively and artistically.

Men might choose to participate in male boudoir photography for several reasons. Firstly, it can be a way to celebrate and embrace their bodies, regardless of their age, shape, or size. This can be a powerful confidence booster for men who may have insecurities about their appearance and can help them to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Additionally, male boudoir photography can allow men to express themselves creatively and explore different aspects of their sexuality. It can also serve as a gift for a partner or as a personal memento to commemorate a milestone or achievement.

When it comes to male boudoir photography, it's essential to hire a professional photographer who is experienced in this style of photography. This is because it takes skill and expertise to capture the right angles, lighting, and poses that will create a stunning and tasteful final product. A professional photographer will also be able to help their clients feel relaxed and at ease during the shoot, which is crucial for creating authentic and natural-looking images.

Moreover, hiring a professional photographer ensures the final product is of the highest quality. A skilled photographer will have access to high-quality equipment and be able to edit the images to perfection, resulting in photos worthy of being displayed as art.

Modern male boudoir photography is a popular and empowering trend that can help men celebrate their bodies and explore different aspects of their sexuality. Hiring a professional photographer is essential for achieving high-quality and tasteful results that can be proudly displayed as art.

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